4 Pet Safe Plants That Repel Ticks and Fleas

An army of ticks and fleas just waiting for your pets to brush up against them! At least, that’s the image in my head when I let my pets out in the backyard. But what if there were plants that could actually repel ticks and fleas, like naturally? Well, here are 4 pet-safe plants that do exactly that!




If you’re a cat owner, you can’t go wrong with catnip! As well as being great for your garden and pet-friendly to boot, it can also be crushed up and rubbed into your feline’s skin to help protect against fleas. It’s even effective at repelling cockroaches and mosquitoes too. Win-win scenario!

Be conscious of where you plant it though, other neighborhood cats may well start visiting your yard more regularly. Since they love to roll around in, play with and rub up against catnip, they can cause unwanted damage to nearby plants.



It’s well-known as a herbal tea, but it has several other uses too. Yep… you guessed it one of those uses is repelling ticks and fleas. It’s also believed that chamomile improves the health of surrounding plants. Bonus!



Lavender is a pet-friendly plant that looks and smells great… But not to ticks, fleas, moths and mosquitoes. A definite must for any garden!



Not only does Rosemary repel ticks and fleas in the area it’s planted, it will also help do away with pesky flies and mosquitoes! So you can rest assured if your pet rubs up against this plant, it’ll help in the ongoing battle against parasites! Also, it’s a great ingredient if you’re having a roast anytime soon!

Of course, anytime you are thinking of placing a new variety of plant in your garden it is important to make sure that it’s safe for your pets. A great resource for this is the ASPCA who provide a comprehensive list of toxic and non-toxic plants.

What are some pet-safe plants that you like to keep around the house? Tell us in the comments, and happy gardening!

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