Activities to do with your Dog

The best kind of days are the ones you can dedicate to the love of your life, your pup. And, when it comes to spending quality time with your best friend, the options are endless.


But, if you’re having difficulty coming up with ideas of what to do together – and with the holiday weekend fast approaching – Activ4Pets is here to help!

Road Trips


Road trips are a great way to spend your vacation days. But it can get a bit stressful when you add an excitable four-legged family member to the mix. So how do you make car trips more manageable? Here are some tips:


An obvious tip but one that can’t be overstated. Make sure your dog is tagged with up-to-date contact information (including your cell number) to prevent any heartache on the road. It’s also worth getting fido microchipped (if he isn’t already) with a quick vet visit.


If you are going for a drive, a little training goes a long way! Oftentimes car travel can cause anxiety. (Especially when their usual destination is the *dreaded* veterinarian!) Try testing the waters with a series of short drives and gradually increase the amount of time spent in the car to boost their confidence. Rewarding, petting and praising your dog before, during and after each drive (when safe to do so!) is a good way to make them feel more at ease. If you feel sedation is necessary, be sure to talk to your vet in-depth beforehand.

Safety First

For longer rides, pack a travel safety kit equipped with water, food, pet scoop, pillows, toys, towels, treats, and anything else your pet might need for an easier, stress-free ride. For smaller dogs, caging is a good idea. Make sure it’s secured and well-ventilated and there’s almost no risk of them getting hurt or injured en route. For larger dogs, there is a range of car products – harnesses and waterproof hammocks – to ensure a safe ride. Either way, surround them with bedding or towels for an extra comfortable journey!

Front Seat Travel

The presence of airbags makes traveling upfront a little hazardous for your dog – unless they’re small and calm enough to sit comfortably in the footwell. But we don’t recommend traveling up front unless your pooch is caged.

Other Considerations

While you’re out on the road, be sure to take regular breaks so your dog can stretch their legs and take bathroom breaks. If you have a truck, be sure to keep your dog inside and not in the truck bed – it’s estimated that more than 100,000 dogs die from falls from pickup trucks each year! With that said, NEVER leave your dog alone in a parked vehicle. Hot weather can quickly turn your car into an oven. We’ve all seen the videos. Best not to risk it.

Pet-Friendly Dining

Finding a pet-friendly restaurant is beyond difficult at times. Luckily, pet owners around the world know and understand your struggle all too well. So they created websites to relieve you of the stress. God bless the internet! Here are a few highlights:

  • BringFido finds restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, cafes and much more. The best part is that they are located in many cities worldwide!
  • DogFriendly will give you all sorts of restaurants from the standard chains to fancy sit downs. But, it only caters to customers in the US and parts of Canada.
  • PetFriendly works like DogFriendly. After you have selected your city, a list of attractions will be shown; each being ranked from one to three dog bones based on food, ambiance, and dog-friendliness! 


It’s in your dog’s nature to remain active and enjoy the company of their human companion. Going to the same dog parks and beaches get a bit boring after a while, even for you! So, where should you go? Here are some fun ideas that might inspire you to change up your routine:

  • Hiking is an easy way to spend all day long with your best friend (and tire them out).  Use Hike With Your Dog to help find fun, new locations
  • Picnics in the park are a great way for you and your dog to bond with friends! Maybe they have dogs too! Pack some extra-special treats for the dogs (and the humans) for a great day out.
  • Camping gives you and your dog a chance to abandon the comforts of city life and reconnect with nature for a night or two.
  • Shopping – find a new pet-friendly store and pick up your pooch a well-deserved new toy. Many people take their pets with them to the store, so it’s a great way for your dog to socialize too.
  • Doga (yoga with your dog) it’s apparently a thing that is taking off.
  • Spa sessions with your pup are a great way to a enhance your bond and keep them happy and healthy.
  • Pet Bakeries are scattered around some cities! Check to see if your city is one of them, and treat your furry friend to some yummy snacks!

Sometimes the best (and most fun) activities can be done in your own backyard! You can create agility courses and practice obstacles with your dogs. Or creating a water park for them to run through during the hot summer months is always fun – you can even include your human kids!


If you have a pool or lake close by, you can always spend the day swimming to cool off. Or, if you’re more of a homebody, you can paint their paws and let them roam over a canvas to create some unique artwork. Maybe selling their masterpieces could generate a few extra bucks, too!

Fourth of July

While days spent outdoors with your dog are always fun, it’s highly-recommended you keep your pets safely indoors for the main event: the fireworks.


Fourth of July is a much-loved celebration, especially because we get to see (and hear) all those beautiful pyrotechnics. As enjoyable as it for us humans, the sudden, inexplicable increase in noise is quite alarming for your most important family members – your pets.
But be wary. There is a 30-60% increase in lost pets during the festivities. And alarmingly, only 14% of those are reunited with their families.

So how should you safeguard your pets? Drawing curtains/blinds and playing relaxing music (or even turning the TV volume up) helps distract them from the chaos outside. Make sure they have a safe space equipped with all their favorite toys, pillows, food, water, and anything to help them feel at ease. Try talking to them, playing with them, and petting them to reassure them that nothing is is wrong.

To prepare for the worst, make sure your pet’s collar is properly updated with all your contact information. And getting them microchipped is always a good idea too!

Activ4Pets can help you be Well Prepared:

Whether you’re hitting the road celebrating 4th of July at a park or if you’re going to be busy outdoors with friends and family, Activ4Pets keeps everything pet-health related within your reach. It puts your pet’s veterinary records, microchip number, vaccination details and much more on your smartphone when you need it the most. In an urgent or emergency situation you can also use Activ4Pets to quickly connect with your veterinarian and/or veterinary care professionals through video consultation or online chat anytime, any place (internet/cellular connection required).

So, instead of worrying about what might happen if something goes wrong, you’ll have more peace of mind knowing an easy-access solution like Activ4Pets is in your back pocket. In short, you’ll be a well-prepared pet parent!

However you decide to celebrate, Activ4Pets wishes you and your pets have a happy (and safe) Fourth of July!


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