Local Pet Adoption and Animal Shelter Fundraising Events Help Save Lives!

This past weekend was a HUGE one for animal welfare initiatives. As well as the many Clear the Shelter pet adoption events happening around the country, our partner, the Humane Society for Tacoma-Pierce County held its annual Dog-A-Thon on Saturday, July 23rd! And it was a great success!


Each year, Dog-A-Thon provides essential support for Tacoma Humane’s homeless animals in need, and their many adoption programs. And, despite the 5,000+ mile round trip (!) Activ4Pets’ Executive Team – CEO and Founder, Florent Monssoh and VP of Operations, Kimberly Heeley – were thrilled to be in attendance.

activ4pets and tacoma humane society at dogathon 2016

The Activ4Pets Executive Team mingling with the Humane Society for Tacoma-Pierce County staff, including Executive Director, Kathleen Olson (left)Founded in 1888 to protect a bear cub illegally brought into town by a drunken logger, Tacoma Humane Society (as it was originally known) has grown to become one of the premier, and most progressive animal shelters in the country, assisting over 12,000 homeless animals each year. And, as if to demonstrate their innovative approach, Tacoma was one of the first to partner with Activ4Pets to provide adopters with our all-in-one mobile health solution. So, after adopting, they get their new pet’s complete medical history (and much more) right on their smart phone.

Held at Lakewood’s enormous Fort Steilacoom Park, the Dog-A-Thon was a fun-filled day with lots of cute pups (with their human companions in tow), magnificent mutt contests, and wonderful prizes! Kimberly was even invited to help judge the competitions, with some of the highlights being best costume, best retriever and of course, best kisser! Tacoma’s team even brought a selection of animals along for adoption!


Adopt! Don’t Shop!

The importance of animal adoption can’t be overstated. Interestingly, a survey by Hartz Mountain Corporation showed the most important quality pet parents look for in a future companion animals is personality, followed by loyalty and obedience – with purity of the breed ranking last. Rescue groups and Animal shelters like Tacoma, are literally full of charismatic, healthy animals just waiting for a new family!

Clear the Shelter, the other major initiative this weekend, saw almost 700 shelters across the country team up to help find forever homes for pets in need. Many reduced or completely waived adoption fees, with over 46,000 pets having been adopted so far! Several shelters have posted pictures of the empty cages, thanking participants for giving their animals a second chance.


Of course, community events such as these depend on funding and support, plus the hard work of volunteers. As Gold Sponsor for the event, Activ4Pets was delighted to be part of Dog-A-Thon 2016. We look forward to working alongside the Humane Society for Tacoma-Pierce County and its adopters in the years to come.


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