5 Halloween Safety Tips for Pets


I love Halloween! The kids have a great time and so do the parents and neighbors. It’s always fun to see the local Trick-or-Treaters dressed in their spooky costumes, hunting for candy.

Now let us focus on the other family members, our beloved pets. There are some health and wellbeing tips to note during Halloween.

  1. Number One on the list is of course the CANDY! Pets are hungry and very curious about the sweets given out and brought home during All Hallow’s Eve (the nostalgic name for Halloween). Don’t be tempted to share them with your pets. Chocolate and Xylitol are two potentially toxic ingredients in some candy which, if consumed, can make them very ill.
  2. The candy wrappers are also potentially hazardous as they can easily be swallowed. My Labrador would surely ingest any sweet presented to him – including the wrapper! Unfortunately, plastic and paper can cause gastrointestinal upset, vomiting, and diarrhea. Worse case scenario – the candy stick on a Tootsie Pop might cause an foreign body obstruction in the gastrointestinal tract. Be extremely vigilant with all the discarded wrappers, especially when your pets are hungry.
  3. Bring the pets in during Halloween Night. It’s always a good idea to minimize any surprise interactions with Trick-or-Treaters that might frighten either party. Always best to keep your black cat safe and indoors, believe it or not, some people associate them with superstition.
  4. Be wary of electrical wires, candles, and pumpkins. Many of us go all out with various decorations and knickknacks at this time of the year. It’s all part of the fun! But dogs and rodents are known to chew through cabling, exposing them to electrical shock. Candles and Pumpkins can also be inadvertently knocked over creating potential fire hazards. Make sure your spooky decorations are raised out of the way of wagging tails and curious pets.
  5. Exercise caution with your pets, but don’t be overly worried. Halloween is a fun time to enjoy with friends, family and of course our fur babies. Some folks even dress pets up in their own costumes. Again be wary with anything tight-fitting or that might restrict breathing. We want your pets to comfortable too!

Join the fun!

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Happy Halloween from everybody at Activ4Pets!

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