5 Amusing Reasons Why Pets Make the Best Children


There are plenty of good reasons to love your pets. They’re always so happy to see you, want endless cuddles and obey your every command. Well, mostly. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we thought we take a look at all those silly but amusing reasons why pets make great ‘children’. Now, this isn’t a competition between human and animal children, just a bit of fun.

5. You Can Name Your Pet Literally Anything

What’s the funniest pet name you can think of? Captain Waggles? Mrs Bigglesworth? Chuck Norris? Guess what – you can give that name to a new pet. Nobody will question your judgment. Though, you might get a few odd looks while you’re out in public.

And it doesn’t have to be humorous. The possibilities for pet names are limitless – name them after food (Taco), a film or literary character (Chewie, Gandalf), heck, name them based on the animal they are…

“Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you: Kitty the cat.”

Original, right?


You can get unbelievably creative with pet names. Though the same can’t be said for kids. They will at some point have to introduce themselves in public. Plus they may take legal action against you for calling them Captain Waggles.

Maybe a sensible pet name is the best idea. But now consider an upsetting reality: they will never know your name 🙁

4. Improve Social Interactions

Making new friends can be tough. Especially when moving to a new neighborhood or relocating to an entirely different city. You can be friendly, charming, tactical even. Sadly, it just takes time to connect with people properly.


Now compare this to our furry companions. Even in their most over-enthusiastic moods (jumping up, sniffing/licking strangers), pets have the uncanny ability to get the best out of and befriend other people. What you or I would deem inappropriate human behaviour, pets get away with. Every time. People find it amusing, endearing even – generating instant conversation.

There’s even statistical evidence to support this too. According to a study by the journal PLoS One, pet owners (particularly dog owners) are 60% more likely than non-pet owners to get to know people in their neighborhoods they hadn’t got to know before. Social problems solved!

3. Pets Don’t Answer Back or Complain

Imagine the scenario. It’s Halloween. You’d like your 7-year-old to wear an adorable Oompa Loompa costume to match the Willy Wonka family-theme you picked out. But he wants to go as Darth Vader. Kids can be so defiant sometimes!

Pets on the other hand won’t make a fuss. Every day is a new adventure and they are fully committed to making you happy. Obviously their safety and contentment must be taken into consideration. You don’t want them to be uncomfortable for Halloween but by golly, that costume sure is adorable.


2. Less Teenage Angst!

Ok, so it’s well known that pets go through a rough patch during their teens, much like their human counterparts. Difference being, it’s over much quicker for our furry friends. And they don’t answer back! Taking into consideration all the laundry generated, meals cooked, arguments lost, not to mention those poor music choices teens make, and pets come out on top again.


1. No Awkward Gifts

“It’s wonderful, honey. I’ll save it for a special occasion.”


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How many times have you been forced to enthusiastically utter this phrase on Mother’s Day, or any other gift-giving day for that matter? Offensive beauty products, tacky jewellery, horrendous perfume, a scented candle from the gas station. This list goes on.

Yes, pets leave you other choice gifts – though these are usually saved for the outdoors or the kitty litter tray. And they’re easily disposed of without any emotional attachment or questions. “When are you going to use that perfume I got you, Mom?”

To their credit, pets provide a much more wholesome gift that’s fit for all occasions – the gift of unconditional love. And for that, we treasure them all year round.


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