Vet Visit Coming Up? These Tips & Tricks Will Help Your Pet Sail Through

You love your four-legged friend to bits. And your love is not restricted to mere cuddles and scratches. As a proud pet owner, you are well aware of the importance of giving your pet the best medical care. You probably already have a trusted veterinarian on your speed dial. But a successful visit to your veterinary clinic requires a whole lot more. Thankfully, a little planning and a handful of treats will ensure that your pet (and you, of course) pass the test. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you along.

Plan Ahead

You and your pet share a very special bond. It’s very likely that your mood affects your furry friend’s state of mind as well. So, it’s important that you remain calm on the day of the veterinary appointment. To ensure that it’s smooth sailing, book your appointment well in advance. Choose a slot when the veterinary office is the least busy so that you don’t startle your pet. Also, clear your own schedule so that you can be there for your pet a one hundred percent. In case you need assistance checkout to book appointments via the APP online.

Climatize Your Furry Friend

Comfort is the key. From the time you leave home till the doctor’s interaction – your pet needs to be comfortable. In the weeks leading up to the appointment, get your buddy familiar with the carrier. You can have food in the carrier or have your pet take a nap in it. So that when it’s time to visit the veterinarian they are not intimidated. You can also drop by the doctor’s office once or twice before your actual appointment. Hang out for a while in the waiting room so your pet pal is used to the sight of other animals and their humans. As well, you can reach out to Activ4pets Online available 24/7.

Keep The Records Ready

To make the most of the visit to your veterinary clinic you should have your pet’s medical records in place. As your consultation day gets closer, spend some time putting together your furry friend’s medical history and a list of the vaccinations that have already been administered. You can also keep a record of the medications your pet is taking or has been given in the recent past. At the end of the exercise also jot down the questions you’d like to ask the doctor during the examination. If you’d like an easy yet effective way to keep track of your pet’s medical records download the Activ4Pets App from

Stay Close

Embrace your pet responsibilities to the fullest at the vet’s office. Once your little friend is on the examination table, stand close but realize that the veterinary staff may hold your pet during the examination…this is done for safety reasons. Pay close attention to what the doctor is doing and don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have. Through the appointment communicate with your veterinarian and pet.

Reward Your Pet

Pets are just like us in many ways. They too feel nervous before a doctor’s appointment and can frighten easily. So, if your pet has managed to keep calm, then a treat is well-deserved…don’t you think? If you are waiting around in the doctor’s office, distract your pet with a favorite toy or a few treats. You can also reward your four-legged pal after the examination. This will help your pet associate the vet’s office with a pleasant experience rather than a fear-inducing one.

Factor In Down Time

When you get home give your pet the time and space to relax. After all being a good boy or a girl is no easy task. Also, monitor your pets movements and behavior to ensure there’s no problematic reaction to any vaccination or drug. If you do notice anything unusual, call the doctor immediately.

Many pet owners tend to get disheartened when things don’t go according to plan at the veterinarian’s office. But don’t worry. Continue to prepare your pet for future appointments. Once or twice a month, you can handle your pet, the way a doctor would, to reduce the discomfort your friend feels. And, in time, you’ll see that your furry pal has indeed turned out to be the veterinarian’s favorite pet!


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