5 Things You Must Do When You Bring Home A Pet From The Shelter

You have done the right thing and opted to adopt and not shop for a pet. At the local shelter, you found and fell in love with an adorable four-legged friend. And after going through the adoption process, you are all set to bring your pet home. You and your furry friend are set to embark on a lifetime of love, friendship and adventure, no doubt. But as a new pet parent you should know that first few days and weeks are crucial and will set the tone of your bond. To ensure, you and your pet get off to a great start, here’s a basic checklist that’ll help you out.

Make Room For The New Addition

With his first yelp or meaow, your pet captures your heart and carves out a space in it. When you bring your furry friend home though, you’ll need to do much more. In terms of physical space, your pet will need a cosy nook in your home. You will need to ensure that your shared space is pet-proof and that electrical cords, sockets, baseboards, and chemicals are out of reach. Also, move plants, valuables and all other breakables out of the way. If you have a (backyard )(remove cats will not be placed outside they are a family member and most likely will stay inside)or spaces in your home that you’d like to restrict your pet from accessing, then, installing baby gates should do the trick.

Fix A Schedule

Adopting a pet is a beautiful commitment that offers immense emotional rewards. But you will have to readjust your life and time schedules. This is to ensure that you have a happy and healthy pet who loves being a part of your life. In the weeks before and after the adoption, make a conscious effort to follow a routine. When your pet comes home, you will need to be around to take care of them when they are unsure of their new environment. Along with your schedule, you need to concentrate on their routine as well. From the first day, you will need a dedicated timetable for eating, potty, walks, and, even, play.

Begin Basic Training

For a long, cherished relationship, where your pet grows in confidence everyday, it is best to start basic training from day one. Take small baby steps everyday. Jot down a few commands that you’d like them to get used to and use them consistently. If you are welcoming a pet as a family, it’d be a great idea for all members to use the same commands and vocabulary so that the new addition is not confused. Intersperse bonding time with brief schedules of confinement so that the pet grows comfortable with being alone while you are at work. Most importantly, don’t get forget to reward your pet with treats and cuddles when they do something right.

Rope In The Experts

Of course, you will be the primary caregiver to your pet. And with time they will come to rely on you for pretty much everything. But pets need an external support system too. Once they come home and get settled, introduce them to a local veterinarian whose services you are likely to use in the future. If you are someone who travels a lot or have a busy schedule, then, sign up for pet sitting or dog walking services in your neighbourhood. Ensure that your precious pet is comfortable with your sitter or walker before handing over the reigns to them.

Contain Your Excitement

There’s a special someone in your life and you want to show them off to the rest of the world, we get it. But your special someone, your pet, might not be on board. During the first days, pet owners tend to take the pet out to the park or for numerous walks a day. This might make your four-legged friend uncomfortable. Instead, let them lie low at home for the first few days and you can then increase outdoor activities and interactions gradually.

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Pet owners, who have adopted from shelters, often share that they could only see their pet’s true personality emerge a few weeks after they were brought home. So, it’s important to have plenty of patience in the initial phase. Stick it out together and you are guaranteed a cherished relationship!


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