Must do routines for Puppies and Kittens before you leave to work

As busy Pet parents, you might struggle with priorities, chores and your new-born pets. Fret not. With few organized routines and training, your kittens and pups will be soon grown up to confident Pets who love you more than anything!

Here are a few tips to be away peacefully without worrying about your pet

– Restrictions are good. But not caging.

When you leave home, see that your kittens or puppies are not left in the house freely. It doesn’t mean that the pet should be tied. Let it be unleashed, but keep it confined to one room. This will ensure that the kitten or puppy doesn’t tear or destroy anything. The best kind of rooms is those that have the least furniture and filled with toys. It should be ventilated well and shouldn’t be annoying to the pets. The pets will stay there throughout the day until you get back, so ensure that the place is clean and the floor is dry with food, litter box and water to slurp on.

– The fluffs need more fluffiness.

New pets, or all pets in general, love to play around. While there are a few, who are lazy and prefer sleeping all the time, leave an array of toys for your pet to play with. A climbing house or scratching toys will be the best options. Most of the pets like playing with a ball, so include it in the list. If your pets are lazy, have cushions and a small bed for them to take a long nap until you return from work.

– Necessities should come first.

Puppies and kittens cannot control from peeing for longer hours, unlike trained pets. See that the litter box is kept near the Pets. Leave some food and water in their bowls. Pets want constant rewards, just like little kids. And no owner would like their pet to be hungry. There are pet foods available in stores and can also be bought online. These are hygienic and also contain essential nutrients. It is necessary to consider food and peeing facilities as they directly relate to the health of pets. Moreover, you wouldn’t want your pet mourning illness after you come back home from work.

Show love

After being alone for long, showing some love when you see them after so many hours will help them connect with you better. As they grow up, they’ll probably learn a lot, and by then, all you need to take care of is showering love and care on your pets.



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