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As part of an ongoing treatment, Activ4Pets allows you to connect with your veterinarian via webcam for non-emergency care. e-Consultations enable you to chat with your veterinarian through the Activ4Pets online platform, ensuring quality care throughout the day. If you have questions about your pet an e-Consultation is your first port of call, providing easy access to your veterinarian without disrupting daily activities.
Benefits of the e-Consultation service:
  • Peace of mind on a range of questions
  • Your Veterinarian can monitor treatments and behavior more effectively
  • Help decide whether or not your pet needs to be seen
  • Consult from home without having to take time off work
  • Avoid stressful car trips with your pet
  • Cat owners have a much easier means of connecting with their vet
  • Saves you the costs of unnecessary travel
  • Potentially eliminates the need for costly emergency room visits
  • Helps resolve minor issues before they become major ones
  • Quick and easy scheduling
  • Integrated messenger feature for ease of communication
  • Get advice while traveling/vacationing with pets
  • Immediate access to your veterinarian via webcam
How it Works
e-Consultations are carried out on our secure, encrypted platform which provides constant access to Pet Health Records for your vet. Activ4Pets technology allows for an audio/visual exchange on a computer with internet connection – meaning the potential to connect with your vet anywhere in the world!
To use the e-Consultation service, simply make an appointment with your veterinarian and complete a pre-consult assessment. Scheduling is quick and easy and e-Consultations are charged on a use-by-use basis.
Dont take our word for it. See what other users say about our app
“Activ4Pets has been wonderful to me. It has been such a help to have Bo, Remi and Sophie’s veterinary records in one spot for when I travel. There’s just too much to keep in my head. It has given me peace of mind knowing that I’m not alone dealing with all the medical issues because everything is recorded and it’s at my fingertips. For a lifetime, I will always have my dogs as part of Activ4Pets.”
Marcy, Pennsylvania