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What to do if there’s a Pet Emergency?
It’s safe to assume that a trip to the emergency veterinarian is every pet parent’s worst nightmare. As well as the immediate risk to your pet’s health there are plenty of other considerations. Not least the stress, plus any bills you might incur.
As such it’s something very few pet parents want to think about. And understandably so – you’d rather focus on your pet being well. But it’s worth acknowledging this might not always be the case. Pet emergencies do happen, often without warning so it’s important to plan ahead.
First and foremost, you should find out what’s available ahead of time, before there is an emergency. Perform a search to see which veterinarians are available after hours in your local area. And, if you’re traveling with your pet, do the same research in the area surrounding your hotel before setting out. Once those veterinarians are established, you have a rough idea of how far you’ll have to drive, how long it will take to get there, and of their contact details, should an emergency arise.
If something does happen, try to remain calm and call the emergency vet immediately. Depending on the situation, they will advise you on the appropriate steps to take and make preparations for your arrival at their hospital.
Some of the more common reasons for emergency vet visits include: acute vomiting, seizures, general injuries and allergic reactions. Sadly, these conditions can occur outside regular office hours, meaning you might have to consult with an emergency vet who has no prior knowledge of your animal. Assuming your pet’s ailment isn’t life threatening, the first thing the ER vet or nurse will likely do is attempt to establish a medical history. Medications, allergies, previous conditions, prior test results, everything. Question is – could you remember all these things under the stresses of an emergency? In some cases, medical procedures will be postponed until further tests can be performed. An ER vet may even need to contact your regular vet to retrieve information. And we all know waiting can be both scary and frustrating.
To help keep track of all this information and provide peace of mind, Activ4Pets collects your pet’s entire medical history and uploads it to our online portal.
We provide members with quick, online access to this information when they need it most. The idea is to have this health tool for everyday life (boarding and grooming, for instance) but it also helps empower pet parents if emergency medical attention is necessary.
Think of Activ4Pets like your pet’s very own baby book. It stores every piece of health information – from vaccine records through to allergies, doctors’ notes, X-Rays, even an emergency vet’s contact information – in our cloud-based platform for easy access. You can even access them on your smartphone through our free mobile app.
Is it Actually an Emergency?
Not all emergencies are created equally, though it’s never wrong to call or consult with a veterinarian if your are concerned for your pet’s well being.
Occasionally you might wish to consult with your vet, though you don’t consider the situation “ER-worthy”. What you’re actually seeking is reassurance. Activ4Pets can help by putting you in touch with your local veterinarian through a virtual consultation.
During an e-Consultation you’ll touch base with your virtual vet via webcam, discuss the issue (with the aid of our audio/video platform) and receive frank, unbiased advice. Though in some cases the recommendation may well be to go into the office for treatment.
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