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Marcy’s Story
After a tragic accident with her daughter’s service dog, Bo, Marcy from Pennsylvania realized she needed Activ4Pets to help organize the mounting medical paperwork. She didn’t anticipate just how useful the tool would become, following several unexpected twists in her family’s story.
Despite never owning a dog, Marcy was inspired to get a service animal to help manage her daughter Hannah’s medical issues. Marcy explains, ‘My daughter has autism and 27 other disabilities. And, because she’s struggled with meltdowns and aggressive behavior, I feared owning a dog.’

Understandably, Marcy took measures to ease Bo’s transition in to their home. But within a short period, Bo had captured their hearts. ‘It has been amazing. He’s allowed her to throw a ball and play fetch; when we could never get her to throw a ball. And when she is in a meltdown and she’s on the floor banging her head, he will climb on her chest and lick her face. Which stops her from banging her head immediately.’

Tragedy struck, however, as Bo was swept away with an immense wave let out by a dam nearby the family’s home. Fortunately, Marcy’s husband was able to rescue and resuscitate Bo, and they immediately took him to the veterinarian. Following the visit, they were inundated with medical documents. ‘We had all these X-Rays, and all this medical information to deal with,’ Marcy recalls. ‘My daughter and I also travel three hours a week to go to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburg. Bo comes with us. So, if something happened while we’re there, I’m going to need that information quickly. That’s when I started searching for something that would give me instant access. I came across Activ4Pets and there was no doubt in my mind. I signed up instantly.’

After signing up, Activ4Pets collected and transferred Bo’s entire veterinary history, making it available on Marcy’s phone at the touch of a button. And, despite the harrowing experiences with Bo’s accident, Marcy was drawn into rescuing another dog shortly after. ‘A family down in Ohio, seven hours away from us, contacted me,’ says Marcy. ‘They told me that they had a puppy they were neglecting, in horrific conditions. So I loaded me, Hannah and Bo up and I went and I saved him and I named him Remi. Remi does have medical problems too, but those are all recorded in the Activ4Pets app. If I forget something I can look back and see and know.’

Marcy is passionate about documenting her pets’ journeys. So profound was Remi’s transformation that his story went viral on social media. Marcy comments, ‘Remi did not even look like a dog when I got him – and he’s been transformed into a gorgeous Maltese Jack Russell. The story was all over the internet.’

As if all that weren’t enough to deal with, Marcy was again inspired to rescue another dog – a miniature Yorkie called Sophie – but this time, the circumstances were even worse. Sophie had been abandoned by a widower because the dog reminded him of his deceased wife. Fortunately, Remi’s story had attracted the attention of the man’s daughter-in-law, who promptly got in touch with Marcy.

‘She told me her father-in-law had put this miniature Yorkie in an attic bedroom, put a large container of dog food and a large basin of water and he shut the door and left her there for months and months. I had no intention of getting any more dogs. But I told her, “I’ll save her. I’ll get her. I’ll do whatever’s needed.”

‘So I loaded up Bo, Remi and Hannah and we took a trip to West Virginia, and got her. I cried the entire way home. She had nine-inch long hair that was wrapped around her neck and her legs. She could not eat, she could not walk, she could not see. I didn’t know what she was. There were feces smeared through her long, matted hair and I knew she was infested with fleas.

‘I spent the entire night in the tub with her trying to untangle what was around her face, just so she could see. Her ears were swollen shut and there was black ooze coming out. She wasn’t breathing well. And I thought – I need Activ4Pets even more now, because I’ve got a medical disaster on my hands.’

Marcy took Sophie to the vet next morning and, unsurprisingly, the dog received several treatments and medications. ‘Her medical history is enormous. I’m putting ointment in her ears, giving her antibiotics, she’s got the collapsing trachea, she has the patellas that are slipping back and forth in her knees. So I need more than ever to have this medical information on my phone because it is overwhelming and it is too much for me to even comprehend. And what a peace of mind it is to be able to open up the Activ4Pets app and see – here is the medication she’s on, this is the day I started it, this is when we saw the vet and this is what I need to do next. I could not live without this app and this information.’

Marcy spent another 20 hours untangling Sophie, but the work was more than worth it. ‘She is now a stunning, gorgeous, beautiful miniature Yorkie. Walking around, eating, and drinking again!’ Marcy was again thrilled to document the transformation, utilizing A4P’s photo feature to its full. ‘I love the ability of adding pictures because I do photoshoots with them. I pose them by the waterfalls and on the rocks because I love pictures. The other thing I love is knowing when that Bravecto is due. The ticks are severe here and they carry Lyme’s Disease. The app tells me when they’re due.

‘Activ4Pets has been wonderful to me. It has been such a help to have Bo, Remi and Sophie’s veterinary records in one spot for when I travel. There’s just too much to keep in my head. It has given me peace of mind knowing that I’m not alone dealing with all the medical issues because everything is recorded and it’s at my fingertips. For a lifetime, I will always have my dogs as part of Activ4Pets.’

Marcy is a true animal welfare hero and we commend her for everything she’s done. We here at Activ4Pets are happy to be a small part of the story and we’re excited to learn who Marcy rescues next!

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